Elliott de Luca


It’s about the message, not the medium…

But yes… I HAVE been intimately involved with all the “hip” mediums du jour… web, mobile, social media etc. And naturally, the seemingly forgotten, yet statistically highly-effective print and broadcast mediums as well (my personal favorites… shh). I just want to make it all work… if that’s print and TV? Great. Online? Great. If it doesn’t make the needle jump, what are we DOING exactly?

As a creative my ultimate goals have always been to never stop learning, never stop teaching and never be 100% “satisfied” with my skills or performance. Complacency is a killer. I feel there’s always an opportunity to learn more and become more accomplished. And the one thing I always told my students at GMU is that you can learn from ANYONE… REGARDLESS of how many years they’ve had in the field or how amazing you believe you are. Always be open to education… no matter the source.

In terms of more resume-related data, I’ve been on the agency-side and client-side for roughly 20 years (profit and non-profit). All possible verticals… all possible markets… B2B, B2G, B2C etc. For the last 10+ years I’ve been working exclusively as a Creative Director, but during that time, I’ve still been very hands-on… not only DRIVING creative, but DOING it as well. I will always have a passion for doing the work… that’s who I am.


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  • Creative Direction
  • Concept
  • Design
  • UX/UI
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Copywriting
  • Client Management
  • Process Construction


Gainesville, VA