Waypoint Product Selection Kit

When our client first approached us, they initially just wanted another product brochure. Fine. We did that. But we also suggested a more innovative and striking solution, that at the end of the day was derived entirely from focus group founded strategies. Specifically something we kept hearing over and over… that one of the key pain points in remodeling was that the end result was an unknown, and that visualizing that end result was nearly impossible for many. We came up with the notion of a fan, much like a Pantone fan, that could be taken to one’s paint store, tile supplier etc, and used to visually match elements within a remodel. We then paired it with a more romantic, sell piece that spoke of defining one’s “style” and we then put it all together in a convenient and polished “kit” for dealers and consumers alike. The “fans” ran over the course of three separate product launches and were a great hit with the dealer/designers.

Our launch of American Woodmark Corporation’s Waypoint Living Spaces brand recently won an award for “Best Brand Launch” in Hanley Wood’s “Brand Builder Awards” for 2013.

Waypoint Living Spaces